About Lake Villa Masonry Contractors

When Lake Villa homes and businesses need something built solid, they know that their best bet is to get in touch with Retana Masons Inc. Retana Masons Inc is a team of dedicated masonry contractors who have been proud to serve both residential and commercial clients for the last several years. Whether you want to build your next construction out of brick, stone or concrete, our masons have a ton of professional experience to draw on to make sure that whatever we are building is built strong for years to come.

Choosing to work with Retana Masons Inc is one of the best decisions you will ever make. Now, we understand that this statement toes the line with arrogance, but we are just confident in our ability to make you yet another satisfied customer. One of the ways we can guarantee customer satisfaction is by the simple virtue of listening. You would be amazed by how few masonry contractors take the time to listen to their clients. They are content with creating what they think the customer wants. That’s not how Retana Masons Inc works. Our collaborative spirit is just one of the reasons our company continues to be the top choice for residential and commercial masonry construction services in the Lake Villa area.

Our masonry services are always among the most popular because we have established ourselves as the most reliable contractors in the area. It doesn’t matter if the job is big or small, we do everything in our power to make sure that we are on-site at the agreed upon time, that we make sure the construction progresses on the timeline we projected and that we do not go over budget. This is just a smattering of what you can expect when you choose to work with Retana Masons Inc. To receive a free quote on any of our masonry services, give Retana Masons Inc a call today.

Brick and Stone at Unbeatable Prices

There are plenty of home and business owners in the Lake Villa area that write off masonry as a construction option because they assume they can’t afford brick or stone. The truth is, you might not be able to afford brick and stone if you were to purchase all the materials yourself, but that’s where we can come in.

Thanks to our many years in the masonry trade, we have gotten to know local brick and stone suppliers well. And as a result, we can use this familiarity to leverage unbeatable prices. Just let us know what it is you hope to build with brick and stone, and we’ll see what we can do to make it work for your budget.

At the very worst, if brick and stone are still out of your price range, we can always help you pour, stamp and stain concrete to make it practically unrecognizable from the real thing. Just give us a call, and we’ll be able to figure out how to proceed in a way that makes financial sense to you.

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